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Know Your Bible-Expanded Edition: All 66 Books Books Explained and Applied - eBook
Paul Kent

Know Your Bible-Expanded Edition: All 66 Books Books Explained and Applied - eBook

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Thanks for taking a look at The Scripture Menu! Our primary goal is to help Christians get turned on the the Word of God. We have a couple of secondary goals:

A brief explanation of the several sections of this site:

Appetizers: These are brief mini-expositions of certain Bible topics, heavily dependent on the Scripture. Some of them amount almost to lists of verses with a short comment on each verse. We are not seminary-trained Bible scholars... only lifetime students of the Word... but these are things we've learned in our study over the years. Feel free to agree or disagree with any or all of our conclusions.
Entrées: These are the whole reason the site exists. We pray that these lists will be especially helpful to you in your walk with the Lord! Hopefully less-interpretive, they have been assembled to show as complete a picture of what the Word says about the chosen topics as possible. If you know of a verse or passage that belongs on one of these pages, please let us know!
Drinks: In keeping with our "menu" theme, the "drinks" are lists of verses about things the Bible talks about drinking. (Please realize that the Bible NEVER condones, and actually condemns outright in several places, actually drinking physical blood. You'll have to study the theology of those passages on your own!)
Sides: Have you ever needed to know where the Ten Commandments were, but didn't know where to look? We've found it, and lots of other famous passages, for you.
Dessert: It's OK to have fun, even if you're a Christian! This category is all about having fun and staying clean at the same time. Some of the content may be syndicated from other sites, so if you see anything on there that needs to go, let us know.

Also, from time to time please glance over at our ads for items for sale at ChristianBook.com. These items are hand-picked by us for inclusion in rotation on the site; most of them are either actual ESV Bibles, ESV-related reference works, or great general Bible reference materials, with the occasional "other" item thrown in for fun. If you see something that you might be interested in, please buy it through our link; we will get a small commission which will help pay for the hosting costs of the site.

Please bookmark this site! We'd love it if you stop by every once in a while.